How to Apply

If you have read this page and think you just might be the one, all that’s left is to apply! It’s simple. Mail the following things to before Thursday June 1.

  • Your resume. Please attach as ‘Firstname Lastname, resume.pdf’.
  • Your motivation letter. Please attach as ‘Firstname Lastname, letter.pdf’.
  • In your email, please confirm your full-time availability for one year starting September 2017. Or, if you’re not, please specify the activities you are planning to do next to ASIF, as well as an approximation of the amount of hours you are prepared to spend weekly.

So what happens after you’ve applied? We will check up on all applications in the weekend of June 3 – 4. Then in the week of June 6, we will have interviews. Depending on the applications, we might do one or two rounds of interviews, and probably a pre-selection on resume + letter. After having applied, we will inform you of the exact procedure and schedule.


In principle, ASIF is a board year for which you should be available full-time starting September 2017. However, if you’re very interested but need to take part in other activities next to it (courses / thesis / job / …), can you still apply? The answer is yes: we will simply take it into account as one of the many factors in your application. So please do apply: if you fit the team very well, for instance, we might still hire you. (And at the very least we get to know who you are, such that we can contact you at some later stage during the year, if for instance a part-time committee position would become available.)

Of course, applying full-time is still preferred! In addition to increasing your chances of getting hired, it will also make your board year simply more fun. Unsure how this would fit in your study schedule or financial situation? In the Netherlands, for full-time board members of student organizations, it is common to stay registered at the university (in order to still receive study funding, next to the bestuursbeurs we will provide you with), but simply postpone doing courses for a year. Sounds crazy? Then consider that often, board members of student organizations say they learned more during their board year then during the rest of their studies combined! The UvA and HvA even made this easier and cheaper to do, called ‘flexible learning’ – check it out, might be applicable to your situation.