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Amsterdam now has its own youth venture capital fund - completely run by students. We believe that if you give talented students true responsibility, magical things can happen. That's why ASIF is a real company, with real money, real startups and real ambitions. 

We are now looking for our new 2018-2019 board. Four ambitious students in Amsterdam will get the opportunity to challenge themselves in a unique way, and you can apply to become one of them. 

What to expect?

As as board member, you literally run your own venture capital fund. You assess business plans, decide on when to invest in what student startups, help promising entrepreneurs reach their full potential, attract capital, and keep your shareholders happy. Next to these responsibilities, you are also responsible for managing/supervising ASIF's student teams, such as the marketing team, and the teams that organise our events. 

Full Time
You will be occupied full-time by managing the fund. This means that you, together with your fellow board members, are expected to be present at all ASIF activities, meetings and events. At the 1st of July, your board year officially starts! From then, you can look forward to working with your fellow board members. 

Financial Compensation
A year as an ASIF board member is very intense. Therefore, we arranged a monetary compensation. ASIF board members receive a monthly fee, besides that, we tend to get a lot of free tickets to cool events and conferences. ;-)

Are you new at ASIF?
Welcome! It is absolutely no problem if you have not been on any ASIF team before or are unacquainted with ASIF. If you have a passion for entrepreneurship, love inspiring other students and would love to take on the challenge of startup investment, ASIF is the right fit for you!

Who are we looking for? 

We are primarily looking for ambitious students that are able to learn quick (and eager to do so) and have demonstrated the capability of handling responsibility. The more experience, the better: ASIF is an advanced board year, and this should not be your first extra-curricular activity. Having done a previous board year is a significant advantage, although not necessary. In fact, any kind of responsibility may suffice. 

Affinity with entrepreneurship and startups is vital. An entrepreneurial mindset is essential, given the fact that this fund is new, and therefore is a startup itself. 

Although useful, we do not expect extensive financial knowledge, as this can be brushed up on the go. Rather, we require an ability to learn new things very quickly: as you’ll be taking investment decisions from the go, this is crucial. Furthermore, creativity, analytical skills, and strategic skills are essential. 

What are the application requirements?
The only hard requirement is that you are currently enrolled as a student or that have graduated within the last 24 months.

Can international students apply? 
Yes! ASIF’s main language is English. 

Do I have to study finance/ business? 
Certainly not! Especially in a very early stage, investment is not so much about money. Rather, it is about people skills, technological understanding, product vision and such. The business plans you will be considering are at such an early stage that there’s nothing to be said about the financial results. In fact, a lot of investors say they invest in people, not in products or companies. You can pivot a business model, but you can’t change the entrepreneur. 

Given this fact, investment is best done by having a broad set of backgrounds. We will not be looking at what you’re studying, but assess whether your skill set and way of thinking forms an addition to the team.

This sounds like me. I think I want to apply. 
Awesome! Check out our different board positions below and apply. 



As the president, you have a central role in the board with a significant focus on the cooperation between the board members. You will be the person that makes sure that decisions are made in an organized way. You will be in charge of assuring that the strategy is aligned with the goals and ensuring that implementation is executed professionally. You will be the chief representative in contact with investors and other stakeholders.

Trades we are looking for:

Organized, excellent communication and public speaking skills, experience leading a team, good at delegating tasks. Dealflow & Investment

Dealflow & Investment

As the Dealflow & Investment Officer, you are accountable for implementing and continuously improving ASIF's deal sourcing and deal assessment strategy ensuring that ASIF invests in only the best startups. You will be the primary contact for our startups and our investment advisors. You will be responsible for analyzing and continuously improving the investment decisions that are made as a board.

Trades we are looking for:

Analytical mindset, entrepreneurial experience, understand startup finance and as always.. a team player.

Marketing & Community

As the Marketing & Community officer, you have a central position in our community. You will be in charge of bringing together Amsterdam's most ambitious students, connecting different stakeholders within our network and making sure every student in Amsterdam knows ASIF. You will be in charge of planning, developing and executing ASIF's marketing & community strategy.

Trades we are looking for:

Proactive, outgoing, excellent communication skills, marketing experience and as always... a team player.

Finance & Operations

As the Finance and Operations officer, you will be accountable for the administrative, financial, and risk management operations. By continuously improving the operating procedures, the reporting structure towards our stakeholders and the internal organization, you will ensure that ASIF is a professional organization. By designing smart procedures for governance and risk management, you will allow the whole organization to flourish.

Trades we are looking for:

Eye for detail, strong analytic focus, passion for finding structural solutions and as always... a team player