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board year 

/ bɔːd / jɪə,jəː /• NOUN

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are you…

fascinated by startups? interested in venture capital? ready to work with amsterdam’s most talented student founders?


If the answer to any of the above is “Yes” (or even better: “F*CK YEAH”) then…

you're a perfect fit for a board year at ASIF ventures.


Starting this summer, you — and four colleagues — will have the chance to run Amsterdam’s first student-focused venture capital fund; invest in student startups, ignite and support entrepreneurship, & beyond. 1 year. Full time.


just so you know…

all five board members share the responsibility of running the investment side of the fund.

this includes:

  • Sourcing the most interesting student startups

  • Meeting founders & listening to their pitches

  • Creating written assessments of startups’ strengths & weaknesses

  • And most importantly: making the investment decision

Supporting student entrepreneurs and making successful investments is ASIF Venture’s primary focus and therefore shared between all board members.

additionally, each board member has their own area of focus that comes with specific responsibilities.

here are the “fab five”…



As the President, you’ll represent the fund towards our private and public investors, the media, and other external parties. You’re also in charge of setting the long-term vision for the fund and making sure that everyone is working towards the same goal.


  • Be the first contact point for ASIF’s investors.

  • Set the long-term strategy of the fund and make sure that everyone is on track to achieve their individual goals.

  • Be the face of the organization; go to speaking opportunities and find ways to get ASIF’s message out there.

  • Support the other director in their activities.


presidential stuff.



Management, events, social

community director



As our community director, you will be in charge of the social side of ASIF, including the ASIF Community and all the events we organize. Your main tasks will be to oversee the four different student teams (P!TCH, Masterclass, Startup Crawl and Common Ground), which makes you responsible for the management of 25+ students. Next to that, you will organize and run the ASIF recruitment campaigns, thinking creatively to make sure we get the best and brightest on board. Grow our initiatives to hundreds (or even thousands?!) of attendees, come up with new formats, organize the best borrels, and build the entrepreneurial community in Amsterdam! You think you're up for it?


  • Manage four different event teams, with 25+ students in total.

  • Organize the hottest events and grow the ASIF community even further.

  • Work together with the Marketing Director to acquire new partnerships- be them strategic, creative, financial or otherwise.

  • Build creative recruitment campaigns to make sure we get the best on board.

  • Build our network and make a splash in Amsterdam’s booming startup ecosystem.



As the Finance & Operations Director, your task is to make sure that ASIF is run just as well as an organization as we come to expect from our portfolio companies. Controlling the internal finances, smoothing out our operations, and managing ASIF’s portfolio will be your key tasks. In addition, together with the President, you will play a crucial role in the communication to all of our investors - both public and private. Are you ready to manage the finances of a million euro fund and make ASIF’s operations top notch?


  • Manage internal finances, by deciding on the year budgets, controlling the cashflow and making sure ASIF is a financially healthy organization.

  • Oversee and improve all operations and processes in the organization.

  • Run the fund’s communication with both public shareholders and private investors.

  • Portfolio management - oversee the development of ASIF’s portfolio companies, document their progress, and find ways to add value.   


STRUCTURE, Manage, $$$

finance & operations director


#deals #dEALS #DEALS

dealflow & investment director



As the Dealflow & Investment Director, your job will consist of making sure that ASIF sees the hottest student startups in Amsterdam and has a strong investment process that allows us to pick the ones most likely to make it big. You’ll be the first contact point for the startups we’re in touch with and are instrumental to the success of the fund.

Want to get involved in both the startup and student community? Ready to find the best startups out there?


  • Structure, oversee and analyze ASIF’s dealflow. This includes: managing different channels, acquiring new dealflow partners, actively sourcing startups, and quantifying every step of it.

  • Work closely with the Marketing Director to continuously grow inbound/reactive dealflow.

  • Manage our investment funnel and process. Know what stage each deal is and allocate resources accordingly.

  • Dive into Amsterdam’s entrepreneurial/startup ecosystem. Know who’s who, what’s what, and where to be. 



As the Marketing Director, you’re in charge of making sure that every student in Amsterdam has heard of ASIF. You will manage, oversee and structure our online and offline presence and will be in the lead of collaborations with external parties. ‘How to maximize ASIF’s reach’ is a question that should constantly be in the back of your head. Interviews? Creative ads? A pop-up startup store? You can make it happen. Brainstorm. Design. Realize!


  • Create and execute an online and offline marketing strategy, with the goal of making ASIF’s name ubiquitous in the student community.

  • Design the strongest possible branding for ASIF.

  • Build collaborations with external parties in the student community.

  • Be creative and find unique ways to growth-hack our way to success.


Brainstorm. Design. Realize!

marketing director 


apply now.

Applications close 22nD OF april.