Common ground

Common Ground is an initiative that brings together experts on specific topics concerning entrepreneurship and innovation. With interviews and panel discussions light will be shed on all aspects of these important issues. We believe that some of the biggest topics are not simple and one sided, therefore we believe in bringing together experts with different backgrounds and different viewpoints to discuss important topics!

What kind of topics suit Common Ground?

Artificial intelligence -  how will it shape the jobs of the future?

Women in entrepreneurship - why is only 20% of the founders female? How can this be changed?

Crypto-Currencies - can they replace normal currencies? Should they be regulated?

What's in it for you?

Running Common Ground will help you to develop a large network with experts on topics that will shape the future and expand your knowledge of these topics. By interviewing guests and hosting panel discussions you will train skills that you can't gain by only attending lectures!

What are we looking for?

If you love to discuss topics to broaden your understanding of something, we are looking for you. To host these discussions you should have good analytical skills, be open minded and curious. You should be capable of studying a topic thoroughly to ensure that the discussions will be of high quality.


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Hours per week: 4

Start of team: March

Application deadline: February 18th

Team size: 4-6