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In a fast-moving world spotting innovation can be hard. At the same time, everyone want’s involvement in the new and the next. With ASIF we provide our investors the opportunity to take part in promising and innovative projects that come right out of the university.
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Scout world class deals

Everyone that wants to make good investments is looking for a young and bold team with an innovative idea. Who can better find this kind of team than students themselves? We believe to have an advantage in finding the most exciting start-ups given our close connection to the student community. 

Reach talented students

Our reach ideally covers all 100.000 students active in the Amsterdam area. We organize events in order to get people involved and to position ourselves on the map. We attract talent by offering things entrepreneurial students love such as masterclasses, pitch nights and a network of ambitious students in Amsterdam. 

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Join the adventure

We are fundraising for the Amsterdam Student Investment Fund at the moment.  The participation starts at 25k, and it is still possible to join! Besides the wide range of opportunities we offer to our investors, we are also convinced we can reach a good return on investment!  Interested? Reach out to us at!