Hello fellow startup!

ASIF is a new venture capital fund here to kickstart your business. We empower young entrepreneurs in Amsterdam. We are always on the lookout for bright and bold minds that are starting the next big thing. 

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link with the university

We believe students have knowledge that will push innovation in many sectors. If your company is a student/ PhD startup or has a clear link with the university we are the ones that can help you grow. Our extensive network of domain experts in many fields can boost the quality of your product of service. 

Ambition to grow

We believe succes starts with a large desire to grow. ASIF has the network to accelerate your growth. ASIF has a large network of succes serial entrepreneurs which love to share their experience with you. The ASIF student community is highly entrepreneurial and diverse. Our startups can benefit of all these unfair advantages!

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Financial need

We invest in companies to make them reach the next growth stage. The right finance at the right time can determine the succes of your business. After our investment we have a large network of angels and VC companies that are connected to ASIF. If you are succesfull they will make sure you can keep growing!