Besides being the only student-run investment fund in Amsterdam, we also seek to make 50.000 students more entrepreneurial in the coming three years. We host high-quality initiatives to inspire, educate and bring together entrepreneurial students! With our different teams, we are now hosting the following initiatives! 


P!TCH is our monthly pitch night where we bring all entrepreneurial students together. Students can pitch any idea or startup!  By being part of the P!TCH team you will be responsible for one of the cornerstones of our entrepreneurial community. 


We combine knowledge gained from experience with theory. In a monthly session, inspirational speakers and field experts will teach about topics we don’t study at the university. Topics relevant to today's entrepreneurs, change makers, leaders: students.

Startup Crawl

The Startup Crawl is a tour that goes by the most interesting and fast growing startups in Amsterdam. For everyone who wants to get an idea of what working in a startup looks like. In one day a group of entrepreneurial students will see different fast growing companies. 

Study trip

We can learn a lot form exploring new things. It is inspiring to see other cities and entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world. Where should we go? Sillicon valley? Helsinki? You can decide where to go and what to do, who to meet and what to learn.

Your own idea?

  We believe great ideas flourish if they get the right podium. ASIF tries to be this podium for every student. Do you have a great idea that can add value to the ASIF community? Reach out and together we will see how to make your idea a reality.

 Common Ground

 The biggest issues are not one sided. Together with experts from different backgrounds and opinions, Common Ground brings opposing views together for an interactive discussion of topics relevant to today's society.

Marketing & Design

Our ambition is to be the most well-branded student organization in the Netherlands.  Our marketing and design team makes sure of this. Strong visuals, well designed social media campaigns and growth hacking are key!