Marketing & Design

Our ambition is to be the Netherlands' most well-branded student organization. 

Aesthetics matter - but just like any other student organization, we have an annually revolving board. To ensure that we do not lose our identity when new people enter the board, we want to build a strong team. By using highly talented students for our marketing, we have already achieved rapid growth in the first half year!


So how do we preach ASIF to every student in Amsterdam?


Professional content!

We make sure that we work with young creative people that are able to make sure that the message we convey, is professional! We believe that working in a professional organisation enables everyone to reach a higher level!



Preach ASIF like a religion!

We love telling people about what we do, why we do it and how every entrepreneurial student in Amsterdam can  benefit from it! On the photo on the right, you can see ASIF priest Jimmy educating a church full of students about Amsterdam Student Investment Fund!


Jimmy Preaching.jpg
Tikke Night.jpg


Have great fun along the way!

We can be serious, but we also like to have a great time. We believe that the best way to grow is to be a fund everyone likes to interact with. By combining learning, linking and laughing we have been able to attract an enormous amount of students to our initiatives!