Our ambition is to be the Netherlands' most well-branded student organization. 

Aesthetics matter - but just like any other student organization, we have an annually revolving board. To ensure that we do not lose our identity when new people enter the board, we want to build a strong team. We are looking a creative team that is in charge of this and is able to transfer the vision to new team members.

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You know how to design, but it's more than that - you actually take ownership of our brand. You're in charge of how we should come across both on and offline, and both visually and in tone. Working together with different people and teams of ASIF you will be essential for the style that we have as an organization!

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We have an advertising budget - and you know how to spend it. Working closely with our board and the creative director, you set out strategies for getting our message across Amsterdam and strengthening our community. We are actually aiming to have every student know of ASIF by September 2018 - so prepare for a challenge.

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We believe strongly in the power of visual communication. Both for our own activities as well as for the startups in our community, we're looking for people that don't just know how to work their tools, but really have a vision on how to best portrait an organization, event, or entrepreneur.