Study Trip

We are going to host a yearly recurring trip to the coolest startup hubs around the world, exploring entrepreneurial activities abroad. Think of places such as Dubai, Berlin, Helsinki, San Francisco, Madrid, Hong Kong. During the trip, we will visit the most promising startups/ companies and local events together with 30 entrepreneurial students.

What’s in it for you:

Running the ASIF study trip puts you straight in the driver's seat, and you will have the responsibility to pick locations, create an exciting program, reach out to local startups and secure sponsorships.  

Together with your team you will gain knowledge about innovation and disruption in other countries, enhance your international network and acquire strong organising skills.

What are we looking for:

We are looking for students that have a great affinity for entrepreneurship and are competent in organising cool events. Next to this, the students need to be internationally minded and should have strong social skills.  Since the committee members of Study Trip will be contacting students, startups, locations and companies abroad, to co-host and sponsor.

Hours per week: 4

Start of team March-November

Application deadline: February 18th

Team size: 4