bas rieter

bas rieter


Marketing & Communications Director, Board


I studied… Political Sciences and Business Economics at University College Utrecht.

What do you do at ASIF Ventures? Shaking hands and kissing babies. I'm also the Marketing & Community Director.

When do you consider yourself successful with ASIF Ventures? When I have listened to a podcast or read an article that Dom is not aware of.

My favorite startups is… Spielwork. It’s the first job platform that doesn’t use a bazillion different buzzwords or empty phrases to describe the job to you. “We are a young and highly dynamic, agile and scrum-like company. We are looking for a hands-on team player who doesn’t enjoy the 9 to 5 mentality.” What on earth does this mean? Right. Nothing at all. Spielwork uses real-life, real-time reviews from employees. You get an insight of an employee’s favorite day and his or her least favorite day, supported by slick camera work and a footage of the workplace. Great stuff, great company.

My guilty pleasure song is… Slide - Famke Louise (here).

The one-liner I use the most is… ”Hoopa!”

Check out my favorite youtube video here.

One question I’ve always wanted to know the answer to is… What does a dream of someone who is born blind look like?

The best pun I know is… “A mirror factory is really a place I could see myself working.”

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