vincentas vilkas

vincentas vilkas


startup crawl team

I study… Communication and Methodical Statistics.

I consider myself successful with ASIF Ventures when… I get to know like-minded, intelligent and driven people. Engaging other students to join us and deepen their knowledge in startup world..

My favorite startup is… Dropbox, as they eventually understood that we won't move around with the gargantuan usb controller in the future.

My guilty pleasure song is… Every Tear Drop is a Waterfall - Coldplay (here).

The one-line I use the most is… “Life's gotta be funky”

One question I’ve always wanted to know the answer to is… how come on earth Juul is market-valued more than Airbnb or SpaceX?

The best pun I know is… “Are you talking with walls or me?”

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