We invest in young and inspiring entrepreneurs in more ways than just financially.

There is a large and growing population of students interested in entrepreneurship, startups, venture capital, and beyond. We bring these students together to create a community

How? Our student-run teams organize events that connect students to the world of entrepreneurship, giving them the opportunity to learn from each other and from experts in the field!

Discover our community initiatives below and/or join a team! We are currently recruiting talented students to lead these initiatives as members of the ASIF team!



At Masterclass, experts provide an immersive insight into their field or a given topic. Learn from the best.



Every month at P!TCH, we give students or recent graduates a stage and an audience to pitch their idea or startup- be it for practice, publicity, or fun. 


startup crawl

Our Startup Crawl is a tour that goes by and visits the most interesting and fast growing startups in Amsterdam. Get the inside scoop.

common ground

Common Ground brings together experts with different backgrounds and opinions for an interactive panel discussion on topics relevant to entrepreneurship and today's society. The biggest issues are not one sided.



Marketing, our internal team, is the backbone of ASIF. They style and support ASIF and all the community teams and initiatives. Think: strong visuals, effective social media campaigns, growth hacking and more!

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join a team!

We are currently recruiting talented students to lead the above initiatives (masterclass, P!TCH, startup crawl, common ground, marketing) as members of the ASIF team! Join a team and make a difference.


See you soon!

Want to attend- or pitch at- the next edition of P!TCH? Learn from experts at Masterclass? Meet other entrepreneurial students?

Check out our events calendar or our facebook page to see whats coming up! We hope to see you there!